New Testament Confirmation -- Review

Select the word from the list below that BEST responds to the sentences in the right hand column. Type the letter (in CAPS) of your answer in the box to the left of the question.

A. Antioch
B. Athens
C. Bethany
D. Bethlehem
E. Bethsaida
F. Caeasarea
G. Caeasarea Philippi
H. Cana
I. Capernaum
J. Corinth
K. Egypt
L. Emmaus
M. Ephesus
N. Jericho
O. Jerusalem
P. Joppa
Q. Jordan River
R. Korazin
S. Magdala
T. Nain
U. Nazareth
V. Rome
W. Sea of Galilee
X. Sychar
Y. Tiberius
Z. Tyre


Known as the city of David. Jesus was born in this town.


God told Joseph to flee to this country when the king in Jerusalem was about to attempt to kill the infant Jesus.


Jesus grew up in this small town.


Jesus was baptized at this place.


Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding in this town.


Jesus stayed at the house of one of his disciples in this town on the north side of the Sea of Galilee.


Jesus performed many miracles in this town on the north side of the Sea of Galilee.


Jesus took His disciples to this city in far northern Israel and then told them of His upcoming death in Jerusalem.


Jesus healed a widow's son in this Gentile city on the coast, in Syria.


Jesus raised the son of a widow from death at this town in Galilee.


Jesus spoke to the woman at the well in this town in Samaria.


Jesus healed blind Bartimaeus at this city, also calling down Zacchaes from the tree outside this city.


Jesus raised the brother of Mary and Martha at this small town east of Jerusalem.


Jesus called His first four disciples who were fishermen and the shore of this body of water.


On the day of His resurrection, Jesus appeared and walked with two men traveling to this town.


The apostle Peter raised a woman from the dead in this town.


The apostle Peter proclaimed the Gospel to a roman centurion in this city and the Holy Spirit fell upon him and all gathered in his house.


The church in this city was taught by the apostle Paul and later was the "launching" point for the missionary journeys of Paul.


The apostle Paul stayed a year and a half in the church in this city, teaching and proclaiming the Word of God.


The apostle Paul was held under "house arrest" for two years in this capital city of the empire.


Capital city of Israel, "headquarters" of the early Christian Church.

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